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At Ojas Yoga 3, we believe in the power of yoga to transform lives and bring balance to the body, mind and spirit. We offer classes and retreats to help people of all ages and experience levels to develop and sustain a yoga practice that works for them. Led by our experienced instructor Ms. Sujinsha qualified as a International Certified Yoga Trainer – RYT200, International certified Prenatal & Postnatal Instructor and also a Certified MAT Pilates Trainer. We strive to create a supportive and inspiring environment for our students to connect with their true potential.


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We run regular classes and demonstrate asanas to build effectiveness to your soul and body. We offer various sessions to create value for your existence.

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Join our community of yoga enthusiasts and experience the profound benefits of yoga for yourself! Our yoga classes offer a safe and supportive environment for beginners and experienced practitioners alike. Our knowledgeable instructors will guide you through each practice, helping you to gain strength, flexibility, and peace of mind. With regular practice, you will experience improved health, mental clarity, and well-being. Come join us and discover the power of yoga.

Founder & Instructor



"Yoga Instructor"

Sujinsha done with M.Phil worked as a Professor & turned to full time Yoga Trainer. She is qualified as a International Certified Yoga Trainer – RYT200, International certified Prenatal & Postnatal Instructor and also a Certified MAT Pilates Trainer.


Our mission to help people to lead a stress free & healthy lifestyle. Daily yoga routine can help to know you better & stay active. Have a healthy lifestyle by knowing yourself & learn to manage stress to lead a happy life. 


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Why to join Ojas Yoga 3 ?



"Yoga is a mind and body practice. Various styles of yoga combine physical postures, breathing techniques, and meditation or relaxation. I started yoga practice only when i enrolled myself in Yoga class. That was of two months. But in One month i started seeing the results. I was gaining confidence; I was able to put my thinking with more confidently rather than before. I had signs of being in depression, like irritation, stress, disturbed sleep etc. And just after one month of yoga practice these signs disappeared. I was feeling happy. I have a flexible in my body and now I am living a healthy and blissful life. 

One more thing, after 2 months of yoga practice and healthy eating, and over that i loss weight too. I was surprised to see that but it actually happened."



Hi Sujinsha..Your way of teaching is really good and you are really encouraging. You asses each student and teaches us based on our level and speed. I lost around 2 kgs in two weeks after joining with your session. Really I didn't expect this weight loss during short term of two weeks.

Thank you sujinsha. 



Our Regional Clients

I am very happy to share my experience. Actually when I first met suji I almost lost my hope in weight loss and getting back to shape. But suji gave me the confidence with very simple yoga asana and a super easy diet plan. Even though it took me so long to get used to the diet plan, after some time im fine and start practicing it. To my surprise I lost 5 kgs after 40 to 50 days of workout and diet. As a mother of 2 children I gained so much of weight but now I feel the flexibility of my body. Really thank you sujin for gave this confidence. Hope I will eventually reduce my weight and back to shape. Your classes were excellent and very motivating. It gave me the confidence that I can also reduce my weight. Thank you. 



Our Global Clients

It helped me to regularize my timing, feel more energetic and more flexible too overall it was the good experience. I was suffering from back pain and the remedy that this session gave me was impeccable. This made me to get rid of my pain and stay focused in my work. And now I feel satisfied that I had been in safe hands. More Gratitude!



After joining ur session within 48 days after my workout like 7weeks I have lost nearly 7kgs. I also notice that I am very active and brisk in doing my daily chores. I was not gasping my breath when I climb stairs. After delivery and as a working mother I never thought this would be possible for me. I have a healthy life style now, and the most important thing is to lose weight & inches am not starving. I'm eating all that I love to, by just focusing on the portion that I intake. Thank you so much for your motivation and you have always been flexible. 



Hi suji. Just wanted to start with a big Thankyou for guiding me. I always wished for a healthy lifestyle and get into proper fitness routine and thats when i jumped into yogalates with you. I had no idea, i can lose weight and get fit through yoga. I have been practicing yoga with suji for months now and i have seen real improvements throughout my whole body. Thank you Suji.



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